Best Price Guarantee
Maayo Argao promises its customers that by booking directly, you are getting the best deal online. If you have a confirmed direct online booking with Maayo Argao and find a cheaper price for the same offer within 24 hours on another website, we will match that price.

Maayo Argao in Argao, Cebu, Philippines

Experience Serenity
Maayo Argao creates a world wrapped in wonder as it presents a new holiday destination in South Cebu. This 2-star Moroccan-inspired resort offers an enhanced leisure experience, carrying a sure promise of comfort that is bound to surprise.

Our lavishly appointed and spacious rooms and villas will let you soak in bliss. Each accommodation has premium amenities that will only make you want to stay longer than planned. We let you indulge in more doses of enjoyment by providing you with a stunning swimming pool and a picturesque view of the sea. You can also unwind while relishing filling meals and refreshing drinks at our bar and restaurant.

With all these — and the friendly, passionate service rendered by our staff — our beach resort in Argao, Cebu is, indeed, an exclusive place in which to enjoy quiet, restful moments.

Maayo Argao

Located approximately 2 hours from the city, our resort promises to be the ultimate vacation spot in the southern part of Cebu. Key places of interest accessible from Maayo Argao include the beaches of Mahayahay and Looc.
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